To spread “Azumashii”.

Azumashii” means “pleasant” or “comfortable” in the northern dialect of Japan.

We want to sow the seeds of “Azumashii” all over the world.

We, AZseed Japan Inc. were born out of this desire.


Cleaning the Earth in the Future
Bio-based cleaning agents that are friendly to both people and the environment

Our products were developed by an industry-academia-government project team including Shinshu University,

which is at the forefront of biotechnology in Japan, with the desire to “protect future water and the environment.

The ingredients are only enzyme groups extracted from specially cultured Bacillus subtilis contained in coconuts and papayas, and water indigenous to the Sea of Japan, which is one of the purest deep seawater.

Bacillus subtilis is a fermentative microorganism used in food production It is also a major contributor to Japanese fermentation culture. It is a 100% biodegradable, non-chemical product made for each application by researching and analyzing the substances that cause stains and odors in all kinds of places, and by changing the ratio of enzymes, it efficiently breaks down both stains and odors. No fragrances, preservatives, synthetic surfactants, fluorescent dyes, compounds, or petroleum-based ingredients are used.

AZspread natural enzyme water for bath ~ ofuro ni ireru ~

This bath salt uses natural enzymes to gently break down dead skin cells, waste matter deep in the pores, and even sebum stains to promote metabolism and warm the body from the core. Simply soaking in the water cleanses the skin without the need to wash the body with soap and reduces body odor and age-related odors. In countries where it is not customary to soak in a bathtub, it can be used for baby baths and footbaths because it is non-chemical and gentle on the skin.

Drainage is also prevented from clogging pipes as residual enzymes work to break down dirt and odors in the drains and keep them in use,

so it is recommended for spas as well as apartment complexes and hotels where odors rising from the pipes are a concern.

AZspread Cleaning – wipe with only natural enzymes

It can be used on walls, floors, interior decorations, kitchens, toilets, and anywhere else, and it breaks down dirt and odors into carbon dioxide gas and water. Simply spray it on the stained or smelly area and wipe it quickly.It does not leave behind the slime or artificial fragrance characteristic of detergents. For persistent stains such as grease, spray and leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse or wipe off.

It can be used with any materials except those that are not allowed to get wet.It does not irritate the skin on the hands and can be used safely in homes with babies and pets. It is ideal for cleaning watch belts and accessories that come in direct contact with the skin, as it also removes tarnish, especially from metal and glass. It can also be diluted and left to soak, making it excellent for cleaning small parts.

It is useful not only in the restaurant and lodging industry, but also in hospitals, daycare centers, and nursing homes, because it makes cleaning easier and leaves no chemical odor.

AZspread Deodorant – no scent no smell

Enzymes decompose and deodorize odor-causing substances such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and ammonia, as well as their putrefactive odors. It deodorizes shoes, hats, jackets, coats, etc., which cannot be washed normally, as well as restaurant and cigarette odors, without masking them with fragrances.It also eliminates odors from room-dried laundry that are hard to get rid of, simply by spraying it on and letting it dry naturally.It kills not only odors but also dust mites on beds, pillows, cushions, stuffed animals, and other items that come in direct contact with the skin, without affecting the human body at all.

Spraying it on curtains and spaces will also eliminate odors in the room.

Commitment to Product Packaging

The AZspread series uses bottles made of 96% bio-polyethylene.

Bio-polyethylene is a material made from the waste liquid produced when sugar is made from sugarcane.

The CO2 emitted when the container is burned as garbage and the CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere

when sugarcane grows are approximately the same amount, making it difficult to affect the environment.

The strength is the same as that of ordinary plastic containers, but the design is simple and unobtrusive to

encourage long use of the bottle, and refills are available in pouches.

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Customer Testimonials

AZspread natural enzyme water for bath ~ ofuro ni ireru ~

40s female Handle name:Ohoandouhu

Clean up rivers and oceans, The skin is moistened, additive-free…

After taking a bath with this product, my body became slippery and smooth.

I usually moisturize with cream after bathing, but there was no need to do so.

When I touched my legs with my hands, they felt smooth as if my hands were gliding down them.

After only one session, I felt like I had baby skin.

30s female Handle name:Yoshimi

The best bath salts for mothers raising children♡

We have many bath toys in our home.

On weekdays and other times when I have to take care of my children alone,

I may not be able to wash the bath toys clean.If you don’t wash the toys, they get [slimy].

I always wash my toys before playing with them, but I am glad that this bath salt even removes

dirt from the toys while they are playing in the bath, so they don’t get soggy!

40s female Handle name:★Marikoko★

Very nice!

It was so refreshing that I wondered if it was safe to remove so much dirt.

The itching and eczema caused by dryness and my skin feels whiter.

AZspread Cleaning – wipe with only natural enzymes

40s female Handle name:Megu

AZspread Cleaning – wipe with only natural enzymes

No need to scrub to get rid of oil stains, etc., and it comes out clean and shiny without any hassle.

I was so impressed with how easy it became to clean

It is odorless and non-habit-forming.It is made of safe materials and can be used in the kitchen

without hesitation.I love the fact that it is safe and secure for use in homes with children and pets.(*^^*)

30s female Handle name:Megumi

Gentle power of natural enzymes

We have children at home, so we felt comfortable with this product, which is made of only natural

enzymes and water.

And for me, who has rough hands all year round, the fact that it is free of synthetic surfactants was

also attractive.

50s female Handle name:Ako with Lucky

【AZspread Cleaning – wipe with only natural enzymes】

We have our dog Lucky’s toilet in our living room.

Lucky pees properly in the toilet, but he sometimes steps on it and comes out of the toilet,

so mopping after vacuuming is essential.

Lucky sometimes licks the floor, so I can’t use sanitizing sprays that contain alcohol.

Therefore, we were able to use this manufacturer’s wipe-cleaning spray with confidence!

AZspread Deodorant – no scent no smell

20s female Handle name:Besuko

AZspread Deodorant – no scent no smell

It had been raining recently and the room tended to smell bad.

I sprayed this product in the room and on my shoes and was amazed that the smell disappeared!

Since there is no scent on the spray, I could clearly see how it would eliminate any unpleasant smells!

30s female Handle name:Ruru

AZspread Deodorant

We have a type of carpet that is not washable, so this product is very useful.

It also seems to be effective against the unpleasant smell of freshly dried clothes

when they are dried indoors. I think it will be very useful in the coming season.

Safe and reliable deodorizer, so it can be used safely on pet products.

30s female Handle name:Pomuko

Safety and Security

I keep it in front of my door and spray around it when I’m worried about the smell or before visitors!

The entrance area is where a lot of smells gather, including outside smells and shoe smells,

so I was worried about the smells.

Therefore, I am really happy with the effectiveness of this product.

Spray it on and leave it for a while, and the smell will not bother you at all

and you will be able to keep the space clean!

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to say goodbye to unpleasant smells.

Company Profile

Company Name
AZseed Japan Inc.
Head Office Location
3-4-21 Kokubun-cho, Aoba-ku,
Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
mail: info@azseedjapan.co.jp
April 27, 2021
Representative Director: Kahoko Kinoshita
Our Business
Planning and sales of daily necessities and
cosmetics made from natural materials
Planning and development of businesses and
products derived from the company’s products
Main Products
Natural Enzymes Daily Products
Detergent/ For bathing
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